Thursday, January 14, 2010

Meez tests my patience

Meez has been spending lots of time outside lately enjoying the nice weather.  IMGP3052Last night he went outside around 8:00 pm.  I woke up this morning to realize that he hadn’t meowed at the window to come in at all last night, but I didn’t think much of it, as often times he spends 8-10 hours at a time outside.  But then, at about 10:00 this morning, I started to worry.  Meez is hungry at all times, he should be back by now begging for Whiskas.




Over the next hour, I continued to work myself into a worried frenzy: this behaviour is highly unlike our Meezer.  He’s always back to eat and snuggle and never pulls an all-nighter.  Besides, it was a cool –12 this morning, he must be cold.  So I put on my jacket and walked around to his favourite spots in the back alley and around the block calling him and waiting, calling him and waiting.  Meez is like a dog, he will come to his name being called.  At the very least he will answer back with his trademark “meez”.  Nothing.
Assuming he was dead and counting up all the money we had spent to get him over here divided by the number of months we had him as a pet, I was pretty upset on a number of levels.  So I called the SPCA in a last ditch attempt to locate the Thai fugitive.  The lady on the phone informed me that two cats were brought in last night, neither of which fit Meez’s description, but she suggested I file a lost animal report, just in case he turns up.  So I was halfway through describing his tail being a weird length and his red collar while looking longingly out our living room window (Meez’s entry and exit point) when I heard a distinctive voice followed shortly by seeing this mug come into view:


I laughed with relief, and told the girl on the phone, “Nevermind, he just showed up at my window meowing his face off.”  THE END


Lately all my stories have a happy ending, I could get used to this.  That being said, we have found a new place to live.  A whole house, which will be shared with no crazies.  It’s a cute little house on the east side of the city, and with a little bit of fixing, it will be a home we will be proud to call ours.  It costs a little more, but at this point, any amount of money is worth getting out of our current situation, which is: living in a basement suite under a bitch and beside a crazy dude.  I feel like I’m too old to live in a basement suite and basically have roommates that never stop complaining or being obnoxious and loud.  And since I don’t mind doing stuff like painting and sanding and basic renovation stuff, and my dad has volunteered his knowledge and assistance, I told Matt we would be moving in. 

I phrase it that way intentionally: last night we went to look at the house, and the people living there are messy and have a dog, so the house smells like dog and is very cluttered, making it seem very small and claustrophobic, and I think Matt had a hard time looking past that to see that this house had potential, and most importantly, no crazy people living above or beside us.  He didn’t seem to be very excited about the house, and when pushed to make a decision this morning, left it up to me completely, as if he wasn’t interested in moving at all anymore.  But I know if we don’t, we’ll both complain all summer that we should have moved and we wish we didn’t share a house.  With some better paint colours and a bit of fixing, changing of light fixtures and a LOT less stuff in it, the house will be very cute.  It has a deck on the back, a covered porch/veranda on the front, and most importantly: A RED DOOR.  (I used to have a recurring dream 3-4 years ago about living in a house with a red door)  Also the landlord is pretty much absent, which is what everyone hopes for, because while we are respectful of where we live, I don’t enjoy the feeling of being watched and scrutinized.  Like I said, I don’t think Matt is 100% on board, but when it’s summertime, and we have our own backyard to spend time in and we don’t have to avoid or dodge any people sharing the house, he will realize we made the right decision to move.  I don’t want to spend all summer indoors because I dislike our neighbours so much.  And understandably, the idea of moving in February/March is enough to make anyone a little hesitant.  But I think it will be worth it, and I know once the place is fixed and furnished properly and in an organized way, Matt will think so too.


Dylan Laine said...

agreed! Plus you can do what ever the fuck you want! that's the best part! Can't wait to drink beerz in the backyard whilst sun tanning and talking about the guys we love! LOL! It will be an ideal hangout on those awesome summer nights!

Lojo said...

I double agree! :) Sounds like a smart move, homie. And I am glad Meez came home safe n' sound.