Sunday, April 11, 2010


As everyone is probably aware, Bearface is my super fave kitten.  In fact, it looks like we’re going to keep her.   And since I trust Lojo to keep her word and start calling her BF Bearface, here is a little sampler of Bearface being adorable.




terriannep said...

Yay!!! I can't wait to meet this adorable little creature when I come home for a visit! I wondered if you wouldn't end up keeping her. :)

twitch said...

Yeah, she's adorable and just has the nicest temperament. She's really close with the mama kitty, and we're kind of thinking that it might be better for Mama Minnie if we keep one of the kittens around. I probably couldn't handle Minnie meowing around the whole house looking for her kittens after they all left. I think my heart would break.
My only concern is that now there are going to be more cats than people in this house--I think that's one step toward crazy cat lady. My only saving grace here is that I'm not single, otherwise it would definitely be a questionable situation with 3 cats. Also, Meez spends a lot of time outdoors, so really it's like having only 2.
Hahaha, listen to me justifying. Look at that face! No justification required.

Lojo said...

I am so goddamn happy that you're keeping Bearface. :)

Dylan Laine said...

I love the name!!!