Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving was LAST month

Today there are a lot of Canadians (living in Canada) with their Facebook status set to “Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
No!  Incorrect!

And people wonder why we are referred to as the 51st state. 



Forgot about that one.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

30 Helens agree…

Americans against healthcare reform are evil.

This week I broke my vow to never read YouTube video comments and had another near-aneurysm. 

Maybe I’ve been lucky, but I’ve never had a problem with our health care system, nor has anyone in my family.  My dad had to wait a couple of months for shoulder surgery, because his injury was not life threatening, but to be honest, I’d rather wait a few months for something than have to sell my house and go thousands of dollars into debt just to stay alive.  Being that the USA is one of the few industrialized countries that DOESN’T have universal health care should be a red flag to all Americans.  In their “land of the free”, they must pay out of their pocket for basic medical care because a big insurance company has decided their “pre-existing condition” will take away from profits.  But hey, that’s the insurance company exercising their Constitutional rights. 
But what if there’s an emergency?  Well, get out a cheque book and a few credit cards, because those are even more expensive than your day to day care would be (if you were allowed to have it).

The fact that millions of Americans sit at home and worry that they can’t afford to get sick is despicable.   This is something people worry about in places like Thailand and Cambodia.  These are THIRD WORLD COUNTRIES.  Shouldn’t that mean something?

As if denying people this basic right isn’t enough, the US government is resisting any and all reform that comes down the line for a few reasons, the two big ones being

A) Money - I think it’s wonderfully ironic that the government doesn’t want to put itself into further debt to get healthcare for its citizens.  Millions of people who have either remortgaged or sold their homes to pay for a transplant or surgery will agree: going into debt for healthcare sucks. 

and B) Canada – This is the one that most often is heard, as the above video demonstrates.  I found a few interesting user comments which I would like to share.

greatrighthope” had this to say:

Canada became a socialist country under Pierre Trudeau.
I have family in Canada and it is not as bad as some of the commentators say it is - it is much worse.
The Doctors are good when you can find one and they will allow operating time. Some of the best surgeons in the world are only allowed one day of OR time a week. The problem isn't just the health care you can get but it is the fact that it is illegal to purchase private health care or health care insurance. That is the problem. Say no

How can your need become some other person's obligation? A person decides to become a doctor through their own effort and finances and when they graduate you are waiting for them to get set up so they can look after you. Why don't we do that with plumbers and mechanics? We need them too so the government sets the rate and you provide the projects. If they like it or not. Sounds like a plan. Or do you just want to reserve this indenture to medical professionals?

The first one isn’t true.  Tommy Douglas (recently named as one of the greatest Canadians ever ) was the one who came up with the model for our socialized healthcare, first in Saskatchewan and then for the country.  When people have their facts wrong on such a basic level, I know I should stop reading and go back to making brownies, but the plumber/mechanic comparison made me feel like I must contribute.  How can someone compare getting a new head gasket to open heart surgery?  So I answered:

You don't need a car repair or toilet plunging as badly as you need to keep yourself in good health. That's a ridiculous comparison and it only weakens your argument.

Of course it does not end here, speaking sense to YouTube commentators is like trying to be friends with your ex.  Don’t bother, it doesn’t work.  I know this, and yet I can’t let it go.

greatrighthope” rebuttles:

I am not talking about a plugged toilet. If you own a home and have a water main break you have no waterd the water is flooding your basement you really need a plumber. If you make a living with your vehicle and it breaks down then what do you bad do you need a mechanic .we all have priorities. If health is so important we need to grow up and pay for it and save for it. A plumber for plunging a toilet? When do you go to the doctor? My argument is fine. Yours on the other hand...

This changes everything!  People need to take their cars to work??  I never thought of how basic a need that is!  I think I even remember it being listed as a basic need: air, food, shelter/clothing, First Aid, water (but only as it exists in a plumbing system in your house) and of course personal motor vehicle transportation to your workplace!  Rightwing conservatives (aka cheap “Christians”) are correct: having your car break down and taking the bus IS as bad as dying from appendicitis.  I mean, have you been on a bus lately?  Ew. 

Besides, Jesus never healed people for free.

Monday, November 9, 2009

As requested

It’s all for you, Lojo.

Friday, November 6, 2009

I am so sick of Mac

Seeing the most recent flood of Mac commercials brought on by the release of Windows 7 has given me one more reason hate Mac as a company, Mac products, Mac commercials, and Mac’s stupid, obnoxious, indoctrinated user-sheep who regurgitate every line from every commercial to explain why they’re so awesome and get to be part of some trendy, artsy super-elite swoop-sporting society.  I’m tired of it.  They need a new angle.  They need an original idea and a new fucking commercial.  “Windows sucks, so get a Mac”.  I can’t believe people fall for this. 

Simply saying that someone else sucks does not sway me to purchase the competitor.  Shouldn’t I also be assured that said competitor doesn’t ALSO suck?   They don’t even bother COMPARING anything anymore.  They’re so lazy and smug that they just say “Windows sucks, buy Mac”.    They don’t give a reason why, they don’t even guarantee that Mac is better (than an operating system?), they just point at Windows and make faces through the back windshield of Mommy’s Prius. 

I don’t like it, it’s getting old; and it’s about as unique and impressive as Mac’s fanatical fanboys.

PS – Did anyone see Dodgeball?  Didn’t Pizza-face Mac kid got hit in the face with a wrench or some shit?  Come on!

PPS - Does Mac realize that you don’t have to get a whole new computer if you want to upgrade to Windows 7?  Changing operating systems is not the same as being in the market for a new computer.  To be honest, I don’t really understand how these two are in direct competition: people don’t buy “Windows computers”.  Mac is pushing their computers, Microsoft is pushing their operating system.  Maybe it’s just me, but it seems like these are two different  areas of the market, PLUS I’ve seen people who run Windows ON a Mac computer. 

I’m not the only one who thinks so.