Thursday, August 27, 2009

Oh, Google

I don’t even care if this is real:

Google Search Fail
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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Two Update Tuesdays: Making New Friends

The other night I met a new person. While I was happily watching Iron Chef, Newbie reaches for the remote at the commercial break and is all, "Can I just check something else quick?" Of course, no problem. That implies he will take up the commercial break with a TSN stopover at the football game. Most Saskatchewanites want to check the score on the Rider game on a Sunday night, and although two years ago, this would’ve lost them a few respect points, now that I’m back in the country, I’ve mellowed. There are a lot worse things to be subjected to than a Rider fan. Anyway, that wasn’t what he was after: he turned on the PGA tour… for the next 90 minutes.

When we finally made it back to the Food network, some guy was cooking up bangers (sausages) in Guinness.
Newbie: "Ugh, Guinness."
Jacquie: “Guinness is my favorite beer.”
Newbie: "Really? Have you tried any others? Guinness sucks."

And then he took a swig of his Coors light--straight out of the can.

That guy dropped in respect points FAST. He lost 150 points in a matter of seconds.
*50 points lost for hating Guinness
*50 points lost for TELLING me about hating Guinness
*50 points lost for making me miss the Iron Chef

He's in a tough place to recover from. In fact, he'll have to combine quite a few of the following traits to make it anywhere back near zero:
*has issues with Thai people
*loves kitties
*world renowned physicist
*is hilarious
*gives me rainbow suspenders
*gives me no less than $100 000
*tells me I have an awesome car
*pays for my schooling
*gets FOX News taken off the air

The Police

After doing this:


I enjoyed watching:

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Facebook Jealousy

I know a lot of posts have been about Facebook lately, but it’s interesting to me how people treat this social network.

This article was posted last week on a former coworker’s profile and I got a little fired up. 

Be careful when you surf Facebook, or your relationship status may go from "married" to "it's complicated," researchers warn.

The more time you spend on the social networking site, the more likely you are to feel jealous, according to a study from the University of Guelph.

It goes on to discuss specific cases of divorces and break-ups that are being blamed on Facebook, and it really made me smack my forehead.   People seem to be in agreement that Facebook makes it easier to cheat, so people are more likely to do it.

I feel quite strongly about this: Facebook isn't assisting or causing relationship problems.  Where’s the trust?  Someone writes something ambiguous on your partner’s wall, you have two choices: ask your partner about it or fucking forget about it.  It’s Facebook.  Chances are, a post like that is only going to cause you relationship troubles if you’re taking Facebook too seriously (which it seems like most people do). 

That aside, I'm sure the students at Guelph would've rather had a few new flat screen TV's somewhere on campus than have money put toward this ridiculous "study". I hope this wasn't someone's graduate degree research.

Bottom line: People who cheat were going to cheat anyway. Correlation does not equal cause. 

…perhaps there should be a follow-up "study": people who claim to be a victim of relationship problems caused by Facebook vs. their IQ.

Anyway, Facebook does have its perks.  I have recently gotten hooked on the FarmVille game.  Check out my sweet farm:


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Is this really necessary?

Read here:

A group in Florida known as Florida Atheists and Secular Humanists is sponsoring the erection of billboards sporting an atheist slogan,

“Being a good person doesn't require God,'' the sign declares. “Don't believe in God? You're not alone!''

I am interested to get some perspective on this from others.  Isn’t plastering billboards with your propaganda all over town making this group just as guilty as the religious nuts they so despise? 

I fail to see why what you believe needs to be expressed to the world, advertised and then forced onto others.  I can understand why it’s dangerous when religious values leak into the societal mainframe, influencing legislation and government, education, media and science. But why bother with the billboards?  It’s not going to recruit the fundamentalist religious crowd to your side, chances are if a “believer” is joining the group after seeing the billboard, they were already on the fence, and they aren’t the people we should be worried about anyway.

“The billboard may be working: About 30 people attended a recent Florida Atheists and Secular Humanists' get-together at a Davie restaurant, up from the usual dozen.

Over beers and burgers, nonbelievers, agnostics, skeptics and lapsed Jews, Christians and Muslims talked about everything from science and philosophy to politics and current events.”

Oh good, so it got a group of like-minded people together to discuss things.  I wonder how that went:  Let’s sit around and talk about our beliefs.  Isn’t it awesome how we all believe in the same nothing?  Let’s talk about why we believe this and why we’re right.
Listen: If I wanted to sit through lectures on what to believe and why it’s right and everyone else is wrong, I’d still be going to church with the Catholics.