Saturday, June 7, 2008

On Buddhism

I'd be Buddhist if it were more bare bones Philosophy and you didn't have to do as much stuff, but I really like this quote:

Believe nothing,
no matter where you read it
or who has said it;
not even if I have said it,
unless it agrees with your own reason
and your own common sense. --Buddha

So I'm completely on board with this, except that they're always giving his statue like water and Fanta (the red one, not even orange), and lighting up incense and shit, plus they always have to buy fresh flower necklaces for him and go to like 9 temples every Sunday.
The statues are way too high maintenance and that's a lot of time spent on Sundays.
But if I could be Buddhist and only be required to recite that quote, I totally would.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Engrish to the max

At the tattoo shop in Hanoi, Matt was given this after-care instruction set:
To make a perfect tattoo:
1. After tattood, this skin are very vulerable so that you absoluted touch with water at least 24 hour, don't used soap at least a week, don't let it under direct sunshine at least a month.
2. You should to rub a thin cream Vaseline or Tetracyclin 1% after each bath and before sleeping.
3. A void in eating.
- Seafood: prawn, crab, fish... (About earlier 5 days)
- Chicken, food made from rice... (About earlier 7 days)
- Alcaho (4 days)
- Eggs (7 days)
After a month, you should comeback to check and edit in case if tattoo wasn't pell off good, maybe loses tattoo line by scratch or friction. Skined tattoo like an infury. It need to keep clear and take care.
Status like diabble, remove dable, recreare a new skin. They are fine. It really come back a usual after one to two months depend on each ones physiolgica. So don't worry about it.
Alarming when the skined tattoo was blister and burruing pain or beak out. If you have got a sensitive skin, it's very easy allergic with tattoo ink. Please call us to get a helpful.
Finaly, consider carefully before decid. Tattoo will follow you all life. It maybe make you pain or wasting your time, your money to deleting, even make allergic by tattoo ink with sensitive skin.

To love your body.

omgAsia, haha

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Who does Fall Out Boy think they are?

The only thing I will give this to its credit is John Mayer's guitar solo. And that's only because I love him, and even find it hard to believe he would allow his name to be tied to this piece of garbage.

Now, onto the issues I have with this abomination.
I would like to know who let this happen, first of all. And even if they were allowed to, how could Fall Out Boy ever think that they were even close enough to being musicians to remake a song by Michael fucking Jackson? They have some fucking nerve.

Maybe they thought if they include enough cameos and "tributes" to Michael, it somehow legitimizes this situation. But it does not. There is nothing okay about being a shitty pop-punk band and covering the music of the greatest pop artist in history. I just know that there are going to be a million scene emo kids running around "That new Fall Out Boy song is sooooo good" or "The Fall Out Boy one is even better than the original" if they know it's a remake.

Now I know how my parents feel.