Wednesday, January 16, 2008

An Open Letter to that Always Controversial Guy in PHIL 231

Dear Always Controversial guy in PHIL 231,

It's obvious you are a Philosophy major with no understanding of reason or logic, but I have one question for you: did you just learn the terms 'subjugation of women' in your 'Women and Gender Studies' class immediately before we had the pleasure of hearing your propaganda today? I'm quite certain you did, being how many times you used it today in class.

While I would not consider myself 'a slave to the capitalist society the media and subjugation of women has created' I would consider you an idiot and I wish you would stop talking. I paid good money for this class and I am trying to learn.

You wasted a solid 35 minutes of my life today and I would like them back. Anytime you get around to doing that would be great.



PS - Get a haircut and choose a real major. You're perpetuating the problem that is ignorance and ill-education. Making controversial statements does not make classes more interesting, it makes spending time there useless.

PPS - Thank you for reminding me why I stopped attending any and all classes. You have made legitimate my skipping for the last 4 years.

PPPS - Talking about women as if they are currently, perpetually and forever oppressed and how that is 'soooo unfair' will not get you laid. It will most likely get you beaten up

An Open Letter to that Carter kid in my History Tutorial

Dear that Carter kid in my History tutorial,

Stop talking. Just stop. We are all aware that you have memorized every detail of 18th Century Europe's history, but when someone says "And they took away Louis XVI's power" you don't have to interrupt and say "He still had some power." We all know he was granted ultra-weak veto power, but we're generalizing for the purpose of discussion. Please unbutton your top button and pull the first-year-know-it-all stick out of your ass. It's just a tutorial; relax.



An Open Letter to U of S Students

Dear Female Students,

If you have a pair of shoes that look really super awesome but you can't walk in them, please do not wear them to school and then walk in front of me.

That is all.


PS - You are probably too fat for skinny jeans and dresses do not double as shirts.

Friday, January 11, 2008

I need to stop reading YouTube video comments

This is also not related to Asia or English, but it will be written in English so it qualifies. Also I hate people who write million-word notes on Facebook and I need to say this.

I think most of my rage problems would be readily solved if I simply stopped reading both the descriptions of and comments posted on YouTube videos. Today, after watching a series of old school rap videos (Kris Kross - Jump inclusive), I accidentally clicked on a video of Hilary Clinton's most recent emotional break-down.

I've been hearing a lot about the stupid American politics on the news lately and frankly, I'm sick of it. But it was the description of this video that really made me cross, it's dripping with ignorance and anyone who knows me knows that is something I cannot stand:

"Tears do not buy votes. Your message, your vision for the country
and hard work do. Socialism doesn't work. It was tried in the 1600's when
the pilgrims landed in America. It failed then and will continue to
fail. Conservatism and Capitalism works every time it is tried."

Aside from the fact that Marx' Communist Manifesto was published sometime around 1848, I'm not looking to argue too much about the historical relevance of Socialism in the 1600's. My history classes are few and far between, but from what I recall the majority of government was some permutation of the feudal system. Anyway, that's only the tip of the iceberg in what annoys me about this passage.

Isn't the US currently both a conservative and capitalist country? How would the average person say that's been working for them so far? Running a nice deficit budget in the trillions of dollars? That's what I thought.
But wait! The USA is the best country in the world; if it ain't broke, don't fix it, right?

More and more I weep for what will happen in this upcoming election. Another mindless twit will be elected, nothing will change and everything will get worse for the rest of the world while the US continues to sit on its pedestal and appoint itself reigning power over all the earth.

Adding fuel to my fire is a NewScientist article from a couple of weeks ago detailing how upset the US defence secretary was when China launched a ballistic missile to destroy one of their OWN defunct satellites in orbit. Interestingly, China and Russia are backing a new convention banning space weapons to follow up the 1966 Outer Space Treaty. The best part is that the US refuses to sign up, saying that agreeing to such a convention 'ties its hands in dealing with a future threat', much like the threat of dwindling oil reserves they're currently dealing with. Good thing the UN wasn't tying their hands with anything about the WMD's in Iraq...

Even as I'm writing this, I've received a number of replies to my youtube comments.
"When we want the unsolicted[sic] opinions of the queen's subjects we'll yank your chain. Otherwise shut up eh? "

Unsolicited? I believe the individual that posted this video included "Feel free to comment on this video below..." in their "About This Video" section. That aside, one could argue all comments on any video are unsolicited, including yours. Turn down the hypocrisy and try adding some intelligence to your unnecessarily hostile outbursts.

"Keep your unsolicited comments about our political system to yourself. Opinions from the quuen's[sic] subjects aren't relevant. "

You must be American, so busy appointing yourself censor and arbitrator of all other nationalities. Lessons from the fools you elect into government, no doubt.

"At least I can vote for my President. Who elected the queen? "

I'm quite certain no one elected her, but I'm not too concerned about it being that I live in CANADA and she has absolutely no power. Read a book.

I hate humans. Anyway, this is way better and less likely to enrage me in any way:

Monday, January 7, 2008

This isn't "Engrish" necessarily...

However, it does have to do with butchering the English language, which is pretty closely related.
I'm going to say it right out: I HATE KANYE WEST AND HIS SONG 'STRONGER'.
That's right, people. Hate. I hate it. And maybe it's just I've had enough.

I think what I hate the most is how "artists" are stealing. And it's not so much the getting away with it that bothers me. What bothers me is that they're receiving praise for plagiarism. Last time I checked, something like that would get me kicked out of University. Remember the "Ice Ice Baby" incident? Pretty sure that ruined careers. Now, a few years later, people are doing exactly the same thing and people are LOVING it.

I first started to notice this when Madonna used the ABBA's "Gimme gimme gimme" melody in the background of her song "Hung up".
Then Gwen Stefani used some samples from The Sound of Music soundtrack in "Wind it Up" and Rhianna used "Tainted Love". It's been getting steadily worse and I have heard people (on more than one occasion, mind you) talk about how original and awesome it is for these "artists" to be adding these samples to their "music" and making them "way better". The latest of these culprits I've noticed to be Kanye "Jesus Christ" West.

In this "music" video, he actually uses the word wronger. I'm not an English teacher [yet] but I'm quite certain this is not a word.

'emerican667' had this to say about the video:
"kanye west is a good musician. his ego and arogance [sic] kills it though."

I fail to see the musicianship involved in sampling Daft Punk and using words that don't exist. [See above: wronger]
Kanye West, and countless other popular artists seem to be single-handedly fooling an entire generation of people into thinking they're "musicians".

Not to mention; how did Daft Punk let this happen? Luckily for them, I know two REAL words and I'm about to use them -- sell and out. As if the GAP commercial wasn't bad enough... really guys. Give your heads a shake.

And so,

I ask, because I'm not sure; does anybody make real music anymore?