Monday, November 16, 2015

Canada Should Stand for Christian Values

Those of us who won the lottery and were born in a country like Canada need to check our entitlement.  You don't "deserve" safety any more than the people fleeing ISIS and a dictatorship.  You happened to be born here.  It's not as if you made all the right decisions and accomplished something to have a Canadian citizenship.  Stop acting like you earned this right and start realizing what it is: a privilege and an incredible stroke of luck.  Now understand that there are billions of people in the world who did not win that lottery, and we have the means to help 25 000 of them right NOW.

Assad had chemical weapons.  ISIS uses civilian locations as their "hiding" places.  The longer it takes to get people out of there, the more people die.  It doesn't work to say "I am ok with helping people but I don't like how the gov't is spending my tax dollars doing it".  That is part of the price you pay for living in a safe and stable and comparatively very rich country.

(According to, the cost to resettle these 25k people is the same as one of the jets we "need" so badly.)

All you "Christians" who want a Canada based on "Christian Canadian values".  This is what it looks like: helping people regardless of their religion and background.  Money to the less fortunate.  Compassion for the broken spirited.  Believing in the best in people.  It's starting to look like many of you are all talk and I'm really tired of it.  I know I'm not going to be the one to talk sense into anyone who has already decided that Syrian refugees= terrorists so I don't know why I bother.  But I have been quiet on social media since the Paris attacks and I can't stand the logic of the arguments against this.  Comparing what happened in Paris and the refugees in Europe to the process by which we bring refugees to Canada is a false comparison, it's comparing apples to oranges.

"But ISIS terrorists could be sneaking in with groups of refugees!"
But they could be sneaking in through immigration too, with refugees or not.  So we should just totally close our borders?  Better yet: anyone who is Muslim should just be turned away automatically, it's too risky.  ISIS can also radicalize people via the internet, so we should shut down the internet?  Or maybe instead we should just round up all the Muslims who are already here and put them somewhere... like in a camp!  Just to keep an eye on them.  Totally innocent.  Wait... that sounds familiar.

"You'll all be sorry when there are hundreds of Canadians dead in a terror attack."
I'm sorry every day that hundreds of Canadians die every year as a direct result of a lack of access to basic medical care and poor mental health access.  These keyboard warriors don't seem too bothered by that.  You see, this is the same argument people are using NOT to bring people here.  "We have many people who need help right here in Canada."  But then the government tries to do something about that and everyone's back on the Whining About My Tax Dollars train.

"Fix the roads before you try to fix the world's problems, Brad Wall."
Another derivative of the above argument.  What do you want to hear? Yes, having lovely smooth roads for all your unemployed oil-worker jacked up trucks seems a much better priority and use of money than helping innocent people flee a civil war.  I think everyone would agree that smooth roads are much preferable to saving human lives.

"Why do people only care now if they have been dying over there by the thousands for the last few years?"
This one really gets me.  People HAVE been calling for this since 2012, but nothing was being done about it because our PM was Stephen Harper and he was satisfied sending a few soldiers over to help bomb the country.  Now we have a new government who is willing to take swift and significant action to help these people.
Also, lots has been going on with the Kardashians since 2012, so I can see how people missed it on the news cycle.

"Can't we just wait?"
Yes.  We can.  We've BEEN waiting.  And while we wait, more people die.  More people are poisoned against the selfish Western world and more people see no alternative except to join in with the radical terrorists.  And when we wait long enough, they're all dead and we don't have to help them at all.  It's not as if they're all sitting in the airport in Toronto waiting to be let in.  They're in camps and dangerous zones all over the region.  Every day their lives are at risk either from attack or disease.  So I'll answer your question with another question:  SHOULD we wait?

The bottom line is that just because a few bad apples "might" be in the bunch, does not change the fact that many innocent people need help from us.  We are no more entitled to the safety we enjoy every single day than these people.  Besides... Where are they going to do their waiting?

Every time you think "They should just go home", think of this picture.  This was their home.

Oh and my title was sarcastic for reasons that are two-fold:  One, because it's me.  And two, because I know most of you are going to click and read this because you think that title means I agree with you.  In case you haven't figured it out by now: I don't, I'm an atheist and it seems like I have an easier time identifying humanitarian values than all these fake Christians hiding in plain sight and spewing xenophobia, racism and hatred. Canada doesn't have a religion and it should stay that way.  Espcially if all these arguments are going to be put forward under the guise of "maintaining Christian values" here, as I saw with the niqab debate this summer.

Oh, and one more thing: let's not let history repeat itself.


Jason, Shelly, Aidan and Easton said...

I want to buy you a bouquet of kittens in admiration.
I've never loved you more.

I want you to come preach in my church. Hell, every church!

Anonymous said...

You are a dumb cunt, you can't save poverty but let's fuck up the rest of the world because of stupidity such as people like yourself and Justin, get bent bitch

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are a dumb cunt, you can't save poverty but let's fuck up the rest of the world because of stupidity such as people like yourself and Justin, get bent bitch

November 16, 2015 at 6:46 PM

What an ignorant, privileged white asshole. Do us a favour: either educate yourself, or move to the Southern US where you belong you inbred redneck.

Anonymous said...

To clarify, my above message was directed at the sad loser that was calling you a cunt. Amazing article, thank you for sharing. You have obviously been blessed with a brain and know how to use it, unlike some people. Wishing you much peace & love.

twitch said...

Good rebuttal, Anonymous, you brave soul.