Monday, November 22, 2010

Favourite Assignment

We started a new “Professional Practices” class last week.  I was not looking forward to it after the first one we had, most of which I sat through thinking, “Do people really need to be told not to talk to their friends about patient cases?  Do people really need to be told that speaking louder to a deaf person isn’t helpful?  Isn’t most of this class common sense?”  Most of it was, but common sense does not seem to be very common among people.

The first assignment in PP2 was a grammar assignment.  The instructor was trying to explain to us how grammar and decent writing skills are still very important in professional careers, despite technology like spell check.  She gave us a piece of very poor writing and asked us to find and correct 13 errors that had been intentionally placed for us to find (be still my beating heart).  I started finding your/you’re, then/than and there/their/they’re mistakes.  Of course, definately [sic] was in there, as well as a few to/two/too errors; there was improper use of colons, starting sentences with ‘but’ and use of the phrase “you could of...”.  I found some sentence fragments and other such things, but I stopped correcting at 17 errors.  I have the feeling that going over and above in this particular case may just end up offending the instructor.  Much of the class struggled to find 6 or 7 and started making things up to get to 13.  It was an in-class assignment worth 5% of our final mark, and afterward, people were livid.  “What the hell was that?  I didn’t get taught grammar in high school!”  Doesn’t mean you can be 20 years old and not know it.

Anyway, without going on too much of a rant about grammar and how it relates to ‘kids these days', I’ll say this: I’m excited to compete against some of these people for jobs.  So excited.