Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Physics class!

I’m having difficulty deciding if I like my Physics instructor.
Those of you who know me well are most likely confused by this statement, thinking, “Jacquie, if you don’t know, do what you always do and default to dislike.  That’s how you roll.”
I know!  I do!  And believe me, I’ve considered that, but this guy is making it hard to do, so I’m going to reason this out:

  • He constantly undermines SIAST policy by letting us out early and doesn’t care if he catches shit over it.
  • He makes hilarious “Are you seriously asking that?” faces when people ask stupid questions.
  • He doesn’t take attendance.
  • He is hilariously nerdy.
  • He finds a way to mention Justin Bieber at least once per week.  For example:
    Jeff: “Who’s this guy?”
    Me: “Roentgen, the guy who invented x-rays.”
    Jeff: “He didn’t INVENT x-rays, he DISCOVERED them.  Kind of like Justin Bieber… he wasn’t invented, he was discovered.  Is anyone going to that concert?  Going to see the Bieb?” 

  • One class he asked if anyone knew who played Nicola Tesla in The Prestige.  Of course I knew: David Bowie!  (This movie was a most excellent crossing over of two of my most beloved past-times: loving David Bowie, and loving Nicola Tesla and everything he stood for)  Knowing this information got me puzzled looks from many of my classmates.  I assume one or more of the following thoughts entered their pretty heads: “Why does she know that?  Why is she so excited about it?  Who is David Bowie?  What is a Tesla?”

* Swoon Swoon *

So far so awesome, right?  So here come the events that are causing my internal struggle:

  • He’s an engineer.
  • He fails to control the class.  Most of the students giggle and chat the entire time.
  • First day, while discussing radioactivity: “We have a good understanding of WHAT happens during radioactive decay, but we don’t know WHY it happens.  Maybe that’s just God’s plan.”

Really?  God in a Physics class?  Please, don’t pretend like you believe God is sitting around willing a uranium nucleus to spontaneously decay.

 Pew! Pew! Have some cancer-causing ionizing radiation, humans.  It’s my PLAN.

So yeah, I’m reserving final judgement on this guy until I get a little less Jesus-talk.


Johnny SL, esq. said...

just had to find the creepiest photo of god didn't you?

twitch said...

Creepy?! That God is straight out of Monty Python. Get some culture!

deedub said...

Yes, give your respect.

Dylan Laine said...

LOL! This is a very interesting blog and I'm curious to know the out come because he sounds like he could be a good time but i'm not sure about the JB thing... That is a big X on my part...