Friday, September 24, 2010


It’s no secret that I took advantage of my anonymity during my time at the university.  No attendance policy meant I rarely attended, with the intention of “teaching myself” the material I missed.  Often that just meant I was trying to learn an entire semester of material in a few days before my final exam in December (or April).  Naturally, finals were extremely stressful for me.

I was out for curry with Kristin this week and I was telling her about how I had an Anatomy and Physiology final the following morning, and how surprising it was that I wasn’t at home studying and pulling my hair out.  I proceeded to reminisce about such exams in my university days and said, “Maybe if I’d gone to more classes, I wouldn’t have to teach myself a whole semester’s worth of material over night.  I probably wouldn’t have been so stressed and would have taken an hour or two to REVIEW the material, rather than learning it for the first time."


Bing!  That’s EXACTLY what has been going on with SIAST forcing me to attend.  I have gone to all my classes, and so instead of stressing over the final, I was out enjoying supper with a friend and would study for 90 minutes before bed.  Wow, too bad I didn’t figure that out five years ago.

Anyway, you’ll all be pleased to know that I finished my A & P class this week with flying colours.  Hurray!


Dylan Laine said...

LOL! I could have told you that... I never really got stressed over exams but I was a keener and went to lessons... i don't think I've ever study more than 4 hours for a final in all my life... I always choose sleep over studying and Passed with flying colours as well... but the dumb thing is now you wouldn't have to attended and could still pull of some seriously awesome grades... because well SAIST is well SAIST hahahah

Lojo said...

Oh, you nerds. And I say that lovingly.