Sunday, August 15, 2010

Good People

I thought for sure that over last week, when my Facebook and blog were full of me mourning over Bearface’s death, that people would be heartless, and call me a crazy cat lady.  Or worse yet, that they would utter that dreaded sentence: it’s just a cat, get over it.  But this week, I was pleasantly surprised with humanity. 

Much to my surprise and delight, such cruel words, proof of misunderstanding my grief, were never said.  In fact, many people expressed heartfelt sympathies and were extremely supportive and understanding.

I have had countless phone calls, emails, Facebook messages, texts and a few in-person hugs, all from people telling me how sorry they were, and many saying a few nice words or telling their own memory of Bearface.  I am so thankful.

This week we received not only kind words, but totally unexpected acts of kindness.  My awesome boss from the store brought me a cool hanging plant, and her daughters drew me pictures of Bearface and brought them to my fruit stand; I cried.  They are now on our fridge.

IMGP3983Funny story about this one from Drew, I put it in my clipboard to take home, and one of my Doraemon stickers happened to come off the sheet right there on the picture.  No word of a lie, he stuck right in that spot: that cat-robot is always involved in crazy shenanigans. 

These were addressed to Matt, Jacquie, Meezy and Minnie.  This one’s from Parker.  How sweet.

Some of the pet-lovers at Matt’s workplace bought and signed a card for him. Inside, they wrote some wonderful messages of caring, sympathy and understanding.  Their thoughtfulness brought tears to my eyes. 













We are both so grateful for everyone’s kind words, and I am seeing these great qualities in all the people I surround myself with.  Matt and I were both wondering this week, how we got to be so lucky and where all these truly good people came from.  And I realized something: we’ve done this to ourselves.  We have chosen to have these people in our lives, and for good reason.  I so often feel like the world in general is full of assholes, and times like this one, that remind me that MY world is full of people I love, are important.

I know that I am cynical and a tad sarcastic, and I come across as generally full of hate for all people and all things, but I do have a heart, and this week, it just so happened to be broken.  I like to think that I really help my friends when I have the opportunity, and even when I’m saying something that might seem harsh, it’s honest, and my honesty comes from a good place.

On Wednesday, I felt that I had to go to work after the vet visit, and for almost the entire day, friends visited and successfully distracted me, which really helped me keep my shit together.  Others simply listened to my thoughts at length over the phone, and all of these acts of kindness do not go unappreciated.

Thank you so much everyone, you have all made a really hard situation a little bit easier.  Bearface will rain angel blessings down upon you from Kitty Heaven.