Sunday, July 4, 2010


I have compiled a list of wonderful visitors that I’ve had at the fruit stand thus far.  I have also assigned random “awards” to a few deserving recipients, but you are all loved.  And I really hope I haven’t forgotten anyone….

Jamie B – Best drink bringer
Daniel T
Jason and Alisha – Hottest couple
Pierrette and Darryl T – Best parents
Raeanne A – Farthest Traveled (Chile!)/Best treat (homemade Lemon poppyseed loaf!)
Andrea N/Savannah N
Alex L – Most Random/Best “being shot” story
Jamie S – Best shirt (Hooters!)
Janet S – Best kids
Darlene N
Brett M – Most accidental
Matt – Most handsome
Jaclyn A – Best dressed
Graham A – Most unexpected
Melissa W
Mel C – Best dog
Megan G – Most adorable
Dannis Fisher-Hendry – Best bad timing

Noticeably absent:
Kurt K
Dwayne E
Ryan S
Terri P


terriannep said...

I wouldn't be absent if I didn't live two provinces away from you. :(

Lojo said...

I am really jonesin' for home right now, and if I could afford it, I would show up at your fruit stand one of these days with a bouquet of roses that resemble kittens.

Dylan Laine said...

LOL! I'd be there with the bestest BFF ever award!!! hahaha

Anonymous said...

I did come a long way didn't I....and kudos (sp?) to me mum for the lemon poppy seed loaf. :o)