Friday, July 16, 2010

Progress is being made, but slowly

In May, I had started the project of renewing a yard that had been much neglected, I posted the “before” photos, which were taken after a lot of clean up had been done.  But, since then we have killed the dandelions (which, unfortunately, made the lawn look worse) and trimmed a bunch of the trees back.  The caragana bushes are going to be a ridiculous undertaking to trim, so we’re not going to take that on, and they actually provide a nice privacy from our stupid neighbours with shitty, annoying, yappy litle dogs.  Anyway, if Blogger will let me format it nicely, I’m going to try to do some before/after to show the progress we’ve made.  Sorry if this turns out shitty, but please know I tried.  On the left will be the photos taken in May.  On the right, which are larger, are those taken July 11.  I was hoping the progress would be clear enough, but it might not be.IMGP3909IMGP3834










So from the deck, the backyard is looking better, the garden has come up, and also the dandelions made up 60% of the lawn, even it isn’t looking too bad.  I spread some seed on it last week, so hopefully hat helps a bit.  I’ve also decided I’m not going to paint that back fence, since it’s never been painted and it looks like much of the wood is actually on the verge of rotting.

IMGP3835 IMGP3922










The garden is finally coming up and doing something.  With all the rain and cold we had, I was worried everything I’d planted would die.  It’s not as clear, but I did plant some flowers in the small bed around the garden shed, and they are getting ready to bloom.  And, with these two side by side, it would appear that my hanging basket actually HAS grown some.












Looking pretty good.  The trees have filled in nicely since we trimmed all the small, half-dead low-hanging branches.  The lawn seems to be recovering and our potted herbs are going crazy! We’ve already harvested off of them several times and used them for cooking.















MUCH nicer.  Now that things are greening up, the lawn is being mowed regularly and somebody cares, the place actually doesn’t look half bad…  And remember how I was worried about what to do with all those dead vines on the front of the house?  Turns out they’re not dead, just late starters.  I think they give the house (and the fence on the right) awesome character.  I love them and am so pleased they came back to life.  Also, after digging a bunch of rocks out of the front flower bed, a veritable jungle of ferns showed up, so that’s cool too.

IMGP3848 IMGP3889






As you can see, the door still needs painting, but that is my project for later in the month, after the living room is painted.

In other news, Bearface is recovering and is, of course, still adorable as she watches me weed and work in the yard.  Meez, too, enjoys time spent in the yard with me.



Lojo said...

I am 100% diggin' the new yard. Especially the vines. You should get a rebate on your enhanced curb appeal. And be allowed to keep your washer and dryer. And possibility get a free TV.

I am ready to sell my condo and might go back to renting, but older houses for rent simply don't exist here. It's almost mind boggling. Either pay $1500 to $2500 a month for a brand new house (utilities not included), pay $1300 to $1600 for a brand new duplex or townhouse (utilities not included), or live in a Boardwalk apartment building from 1987. And that, my friend, is rental life in Red Deer. Wicked.

terriannep said...

Looks fantastic, Jacquie! I'm especially in love with the vines that came back to life in the front of the house. I love that look. :)