Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Oh yes, that just happened

My days spent in Confederation have yielded so many blog worthy moments it is getting ridiculous, I literally have a notebook full of shit that happens, but today’s incident definitely stands out.

I have my back to the “street” that goes past my stand and around the south side of Canadian Tire, when I hear a vehicle drive by and someone yells, “Hey there dollface, you you doing?” and I turn around just in time to see a 30-something bleach-blonde loser giving me the “up-nod” from the driver’s seat of a blue Astro van (circa 1995).   Needless to say, I removed my panties and hoped for him to return so we could have all of the sex.

95_astro_van_9_20_07_020 copy Actually, I started laughing--pretty hard.  Dollface?  What?  I am still laughing when this dude parks behind the fruit stand and comes up to the front.  He buys $19 worth of fruit, and then drops this beauty, “So uh yeah, do you work here everyday?”  I laugh a bit more and hand him his change.  As he’s leaving, he says, “See you again” and WINKS.

Oh no, it’s not over.  THEN, he drives back by the front of the stand, leans out the window of his van and says, “Have a good day there, beautiful!”

That just happened.

Oh, and I hate the word ‘panties’.


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LOL! Classic!!!

Lojo said...

Love the new blog look. CHEST BUMP.