Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Day 1

On Monday this week I was trained for my new job selling fruit for Ferris Fruit Farms in the cute little outdoor stands.


The first day was spent training at the 8th street location. Then the following day, I was sent to rot by myself at the other stand across town in Confederation.

This job is ideal for me for a number of reasons: I am given TONS of hours, the pay is decent, it is relaxing, I have unlimited access to delicious fruits, there’s no reason for a customer to really hang around too long, I am authorized to give free samples, it’s totally temporary, my boss is awesome and totally reasonable and I can spend my day people-watching. I LOVE to observe humans. It’s one of my favourite past-times. If only I could bring Bearface to people-watch with me, then this really would be the ideal way to spend my summer. Anyway, I have a prime observation spot from my stand which faces the front entrance of Canadian Tire. Awesome. p_00247 Here is a sample of my view:
It was pretty cold yesterday, 12 degrees, windy and rainy, but I huddled under my purple eagle blanket and watched the hell out of the parking lot. Early in the afternoon, a lovely coworker/BFF from the store brought me a hot tea, which was much appreciated. She hung out for a while and bought some strawberries, but there were a few memorable events that followed her visit. For those who don’t know, Confederation is home to most of Saskatoon’s invalids and old people, to put it nicely. Many of these were spotted, but there were also countless sightings of my much hated “open mouth resting face” individuals. To clarify, these are the people that walk/drive around with their mouth hanging open. Their eyes are also vacant and their breath usually (but not always) stinks. The most notable occurrence, though, was when a customer left an old/used toilet in the middle of the parking lot with two dirty shoes. It sat there all day, and when I left at 8, it was still there.



Shortly after the toilet incident, a girl walked by my stand in jeans and a T-shirt, bawling her eyes out.

Two more things worth noting on my first day: The corn I sell is SWEET and I have a stupid sign on the front of my stand that is always snickered at and read out loud in a suggestive tone by old creepy men:



“Don’t SQUEEZE me ‘til I’m yours? Does that apply to you too?” OMFGLOL. :|



M.C. said...

It sounds like I would love that job, except that I don't go to confed. Ick.

Lojo said...

LOL @ the toilet.

And I hate creepy men. I want to take a deuce on them.

Our store is right beside a Galaxy Cinema and we share the same parking lot. The other morning we had just gotten out of work when we saw a mouth breather from Galaxy cleaning their side of the parking lot. Which I'd say is about 1/2 to 3/4 the size of the Canadian Tire parking lot-- not that big. Instead of taking five minutes to walk the parking lot to pick up the garbage, she drove it in her mini van, thus letting her van idle every 20 feet to get out and walk over to pick up the garage.


Lojo said...

I wish you could blog while you're at work.

twitch said...

Me too! I should bring my laptop and see if there's any wireless nearby that I can steal. But then I probably wouldn't get anything done that I should be doing. The fruit stand has a surprising number of tasks to keep me busy during the day. I do have a notebook labeled "blogworthy" that I write a bunch of stuff down in, but now I have to figure out how to get it into a format that is coherent to others.