Sunday, May 16, 2010


So I’ve had these photos since yesterday, but my computer started being a total fucking asshole for seemingly no reason.  Anyway, it’s all working now so here are the preliminary photos of the yard.  Unfortunately I didn’t get photos from BEFORE the place was cleaned by the landlord or even before we planted the garden, because that would’ve shown the true ghetto nature of what I’m working with, but I’m sure great improvement will be seen nonetheless.




The view from the deck.  Note the very patchy looking grass.  It is deceiving, most of it is actually very patchy dandelions.  And it is worth noting that the tiki torches won’t be staying there.  They’re temporary row markers for the garden.  Once everything sprouts, they’ll go somewhere else.  Also, the back fence will be painted and a fire pit will be added. 





View from the deck to the right.  Note the adorable (matchy matching) garden shed.  Also, the lounger will get a cushion and a new home once the lawn has been reseeded.  The pots in the lower right are all our fresh herbs.  They didn’t go directly into the garden plot for reasons which are two-fold:

1) limited garden space
2) We will be bringing them in to the kitchen in the fall so that we can have fresh herbs for cooking all winter long.




The view from the alley.  Our house is so narrow.  From the deck stairs I am hoping to build a little path to where the fire pit will be with rather large random rocks I’ve found around the yard.











A closer shot of our miniature deck, our Value Village $5.99 lime green/white bowl chair, the bird bath which has been acting as a watering hole for the cats and various planters and hanging baskets.  Seriously, how narrow is that house??














My rescued over-sized milk jug-turned planter.  It’s very Little House on the Prarie of me, so I took a close-up just for Lojo.  I don’t have enough dirt currently to fill it and use it properly, so I’ve just set my terra cotta bowl full of succulents inside it.  I think I might leave it that way.  I’m not even going to paint it solid red like I originally planned.












Mama Minnie enjoying the “new” dirt in the garden. 










There’s a lot to say about this photo.  First thing is that the lawn in the front is in much better condition than the back lawn, while it is desperate need of a mow, it won’t need reseeding.  However, the front flower bed needs to be planted [though, I added a few little solar lanterns($1.89 at Home Depot)] and the red door needs a serious repainting (don’t worry, I’ll be keeping it red).  I am on the fence as to whether or not I’ll paint the screen frame.  The winter window is red, so when we switch the screen out, it will be full red.  To be honest though, I am kind of digging the yellow.  Opinions and input would be appreciated on this topic. 

To the left of the house is a big patch of dirt.  I bought a wildflower mix and am going to seed it there.   I have another hanging basket for the front as well.  The vines on the side of the house, despite all my hoping and wishing, did not come back to life.  I want to pull them down, but Minnie and Meez use them to climb up to the roof and come in our bedroom window.  So now I don’t know.  I think dead shit hanging off the side of my house is shitty looking, but what about the kitties?  Again, opinions and input would be greatly appreciated.


Just so everyone knows.  Blogger is the WORST for dealing with pictures.  This looks reasonably well presented on my computer right now, so if it looks like chopped-up shit on yours right now, my apologies.  Blame Blogger.  Well, I’m also to blame.  I could’ve spent a lot of time fiddling with it and messing with the HTML, but I can’t be bothered.  It’s readable, I hope.

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Lojo said...

Photos look fine on my end!

I am excited to see more progression of your outdoor domestication. Makes me wish I had a yard.

Very much into the Laura Ingalls milk jug planter. Represent!

I'd go with red for the screen frame. White or red. I find yellow a little too Hello Primary Colors!.