Monday, May 17, 2010

No one else’s mom…

…could be this awesome.  She bought me a planter for the yard at a garage sale last month.  “Can you believe nobody bought this, Jacquie?”  I cannot.

And those aren’t wings, they’re handles.



Love it.

Update: I sent my mom these photos this morning to her work email, and thanked her again for the planter.  Here is her adorable reply:

Thanks for the cat basket pictures.  It made me smile.  (Can you believe nobody bought that!!)It has been a little stressful here this a.m. .. trucks being delivered here without warning and paper work that doesn't make sense......  It's good to laugh.

Love Mom


Lojo said...

God, I love Moms. Mom emails are awesome, too. And HOT DAMN that's is an attractive kitty planter. So jealous.

twitch said...

I know, the emails are the clincher. I still have one from my mom from like 3 years ago when they got a new keyboard for their computer and all it said was:
"This new keyboard OWNS"
So good.

Dylan Laine said...

I want your Mom! Mine is broken at the time being...

Lojo Beautiful said...

When the HELL are you going to update? Soon? EXCELLENT.