Monday, April 19, 2010

And cat-lovers are crazy?

I have noticed quite a few people on Facebook these days are building profile pages for their DOGS and then adding their friends.  The weirdest part: people ACCEPT Facebook friendship of a dog, but then turn around and call people like me “Crazy Cat Ladies”.  At least I know my cat is a fucking cat and didn’t build it a webpage. 


This got me thinking, and I think dog-lovers are more crazy and fanatical than cat owners.  For example: no one carries a cat around everywhere they go in their handbag and cat people don’t “hate” dogs.  But more often than not, a dog-owner will be heard saying, “I hate cats,” or at the very least, saying something like “I am more of a DOG person, myself.”  What does that MEAN?   How have dog people been so crazy for so long without being noticed, but as soon as someone has more than one cat or even photo of a cat, they are forever labelled as crazy?


Lojo said...

Yes. YES. I, too, am sick of the cat lady thing and have also noticed the very apparent hypocrisies between cat owners and dog owners. Why is it cool to have two dogs but automatically means you're not getting laid if you have a couple cats? Do people not realize how low maintenance cats are? Seriously. They piss and shit in a box.

I got the cat lady thing really bad when I was single, and I'd often think, fuck off, if I was a single dude with a dog everyone would think I was hot.

Fuckin' sheep.

M.C. said...

I've actually heard of a sort of facebook for BUNNIES. Now THAT'S messed up. It seems people will always be crazy for their pets, no matter what the type.

terriannep said...

Soooo... I guess if I go ahead and make Malley that Facebook page I've been toying around with in my head, you won't accept a friendship invitation from her? Poor Malley!