Friday, March 5, 2010


On March 1, around 7:30 pm, Minnie [finally] had her kittens.  Of course, since we had moved into a new place, she wasn’t comfortable anywhere except our bed, so try as we might to put her on an old blanket, right before she went into serious labour, she ran up onto our bed and under the covers.  She had four kittens up there, and then I thought she was finished, so I moved her into a clean box lined with an old bed sheet.  I stripped our bedding (which now looked like a murder scene) and went to wash it.  Half an hour later when I went to check on her, there was a fifth kitten.  I am not sure how all of those kittens fit in there, but they all came out squirming and healthy.  

Minnie is an excellent mom and they have been gaining weight quite quickly and are getting less rat-like by the day. You’ll notice in the above picture, the kitten on top of the pile has a kink in her tail.  Two of the three tortoise-shell kittens have a kinked tail.  They inherited this trait from their straight-outta-Siam Siamese father, Meez.  The other two look like they will be fully dark grey or black.  Cuter pictures will be taken next week when their eyes are open.
Despite much worry about possible eating of the kittens, Meez has been an excellent male.  He seemed totally disinterested in the kittens, and for the first few days was only allowed supervised visitation, but now we have an open door policy, and he has been spending a lot of time sitting on the stairs outside their room on guard.  Yesterday, when Minnie moved them into a closet, one was actually on the floor near him and crawled up to him.  Meez looked confused, but sniffed the kitten’s head, licked it and made a comforting ‘coo’ noise.  Then he left, bored with their rat faces and raptor noises.


In other news, after weeks of lamenting that I had no excuse to go to Walking With Dinosaurs, (what am I supposed to do?  Just go by myself?  Or even take Matt?  I had to find at least one kid to go, or else I would look like a total loser) Matt’s niece called with a sick mom and two tickets for the show.  I got very excited and agreed right away.  Now that I think about it, though, I probably should’ve pretended like it was a big inconvenience, but I guess I would do it.  Now Matt’s sister probably thinks I am a big loser because I was all “omgwalkingwithdinos???!!”  Oh well, it was awesome.

p_00128 Stegosaurus is my fave.  I know it’s a shitty photo, but it was taken from the upper level of SaskPlace with my phone, so don’t judge me.

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