Sunday, February 21, 2010

Throwing in the towel

I find myself becoming increasingly apathetic…toward everything and everyone. I used to be very passionate about my opinions and try to force them on everyone. Now when someone disagrees with me, no matter how illogical they are, I find myself saying something along the lines of, “Meh” or “Ok, then,” and letting it go. Maybe I’m mellowing out and becoming less idealistic because I’m maturing or getting older, but my apathy extends past simply allowing others to be wrong. I actually sat through a full hour of Glenn Beck interviewing Sarah Palin.

2010 Olympics are in Canada? BFD.
An English 110 prof gives me a 62 on my paper? I say nothing.
Someone parked their pedo-van in my driveway and unplugged my car so they could plug in? No biggie.
The City of Saskatoon is building a $60 million art gallery, but can’t clear snow from residential streets or run city buses more often than every 30 minutes? No emails
Parliament is being a bunch of useless, do-nothing assholes? I didn’t even write a bunch of angry letters to my MP!
Another CSI series is on? Oh well.
Even when the university forced me to put my Linguistics degree on hold, did I get full of rage and go on an angry-letter writing spree, classic Jacquie-style?? Nope.

Am I losing my edge, or just realizing the futility of using logic and reason to make a point to people who respect neither? What happens now? The Jacquie you all know and love is scrappy and sassy, what if she has mellowed out and starts letting things go? What if Saskatoon residents go the rest of their lives without angry notes on their badly-parked cars or honked horns and a middle finger out the moon roof?

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Dylan Laine said...

:( ... Don't throw in the towel... I love you towel! It smells amazing and it shows your true colours! Which are beautiful like Rainbows!!!