Monday, February 8, 2010

Meet Antonio Banderduck


Shortly after Christmas, we moved everything around at work to prep for a big sale.  All the movement surfaced a lot of old merchandise that had been hiding behind other items and at the back of shelves.  Most of it was crap, but there was one gem: a blue wooden duck.  This duck spoke to me instantly.  As soon as I saw him on the clearance carts, I knew that I loved him.  Sure, there’s some paint missing where his neck was clearly broken and glued together, and his beak is scratched up.  His foot is falling off and overall, this blue duck needed some love.  Already marked to 75% off, my supervisor informs me that the next time markdowns come around, this duck will have to be written off and destroyed. But I hauled an FIV+ cat all the way back from Thailand, who better to rescue an animal from certain destruction?  On the other hand, it’s a broken down wooden duck… what am I going to do with it?   I’m not one for knick-knack objects.  Initially, I decided against buying the duck.  It just wasn’t practical. 

Every shift I worked for the next 6 weeks, I would catch sight of the duck, still sitting on the clearance cart and he would make me smile.  This duck put me in a good mood every day, and I couldn’t risk it any longer.  This duck was coming home with me.  Unfortunately, by the time I came to that decision, my boss closed the tills before I could make the purchase, so I put the duck on the back counter to hang out for me until the next day.  The next day, I came in to get the duck, but he was gone!  

No one working that day knew anythingIMGP3378 about what had become of the duck, and I went home defeated, convinced that the store manager had seen the sad-looking duck that just never seemed to leave, decided no one would buy him, and wrote him off to be destroyed.  I was distraught, but couldn’t forget about my beloved duck.  I called in to work that night to double check.  The manager on duty knew exactly what I was talking about, as she had moved him from the back counter, but put him back on the wrong shelf.  Antonio Banderduck was back from the dead!  I had him in the back room and went in to pick him up the next day.  Anyway, now Antonio will assist me in household shenanigans.  Of course, the cats were the first ones to suffer:




Above: Antonio Banderduck’s permanent home when not participating in hijinx.
Left: Meez and Minnie are caught with Antonio, note Meez’s discomfort with the duck’s proximity to him.  He freezes up and has no idea what to do.
Below: Meez and Señor Banderduck: BFF



My apologies for the poor quality of the photos, but the moment had to be captured as quickly as possible.  Stay tuned for Antonio Banderduck’s future adventures!


deedub said...

There is a clear showing of concern in the cats' eyes when they are around that duck; excellent.

Dylan Laine said...

LMFAO! OMG you make me LOL all the time!!! Love the duck! and I love minnie's face in the one picture... just pure terror!

Lojo said...

Such a sexy name.