Monday, January 25, 2010

Celeb Match

Ok, most of you know I have been working at a house/giftwares retail store since before Christmas, and working with other women is a new experience for me. Thus far, it has been a very positive one, opening my mind to all kinds of new information and ideals. A lady at work, Sandi, was telling me about the website She was bragging that, a few years ago, this fancy website paired her with such dreamboats as Johnny Depp and Brad Pitt. She couldn’t remember the others, so she said she was going to go home and try again to let me know the rest of her results. She turned 41 a few days ago, and since I’ve learned this website takes your age only and asks you no other questions, I was interested to see what happened. A very depressed Sandi returned to work this week matched with none other than Jack Nicholson. I remarked, “If it’s based on age, I’ll probably get paired with Zac Efron or some other teeny bopper.”

This information was comical enough for me to try this ridiculous website. So I went on, submitted my birthday and waited for my list of hunks.


Bingo: Zac Efron haunts me yet again, even though I’ve never seen a movie or anything else with him in it and I’m pretty sure he’s 19. And to everyone else except Brad Renfro (from Tom and Huck): Who the f&*# are you??? So disappointing.

Brad Renfro: Former child star. Yummy.


Dylan Laine said...

LOL! Was she seriously upset?!

Lojo said...

Hahahaha, so awesome.

Bad news though-- Brad Renfro is dead.

twitch said...

Ryan: Yes, Sandi is awesome/crazy/crazy awesome.

Lojo: Dead?? Crap. I guess I'll have to settle for Matt, then.