Thursday, September 24, 2009

We need a border fence

OMFG, shit is going very wrong down there. (read it)

Start building a border fence, Stephen Harper…

Seriously though, a border fence. 



Dylan Laine said...

LMFAO!!! OMG dude i'm seriously laughing so hard i'm literally crying!!! OMG that is sooo fucked!!! Build a Border Fence!!! LMAO!!! That is just killing me!

On a serious note! OMFG!!! That is beyond crazy...

deedub said...

"A census worker found hanged from a tree with the word 'fed' scrawled on his chest met his end in a corner of Appalachia with an abundance of meth labs and marijuana fields... ...police cannot say whether Bill Sparkman's death was a homicide, an accident or even a suicide."

What the fuck; an accident? Shit, last week I almost had 'fed' scrawled on my chest and was hung from a tree; it all happened so fast!

Oh yeah, it's very common to see suicides these days by people slitting their wrist, overdosing on drugs, or writing "fed" on their chest and hanging themself from a tree.

What is wrong with these people?! The people who killed the census worker are obviously fucking crazy, but I am talking about the writer of this article.

twitch said...

Dewy: LOL. I know, right? I thought that too. How can anyone pretend it has anything to do with the drugs?