Monday, September 7, 2009

Jack White looks like Edward Scissorhands

I think he’s awesome.  New video from the new song from his new album with his new band The Dead Weather.


Dylan Laine said...
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Dylan Laine said...

hmmmm... Love the concept... lol... Do you think they came up with this during bong hits??? lol...

'Hey Dude, you know what would totally rock, like literally transcend time???'

'If we shot a video for our new song, and all we did was walk around the dusty bare outskirts of a suburb, and shot the shit out of each other???'

'Tooootally........ but we don't die, because we are really cat like robots from the 21st century, that look like Johnny Depp... Well I will anyway...'

Lojo Beautiful said...

I dig the song, which is hard for me to admit because I am still upset about the White Stripes (upset that they ever existed).

Yes, video conception is a little bit post bong hits, but it includes AK-47s and suburban Terminators, so I am happy.