Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Is this really necessary?

Read here: http://www.miamiherald.com/367/story/1165325.html

A group in Florida known as Florida Atheists and Secular Humanists is sponsoring the erection of billboards sporting an atheist slogan,

“Being a good person doesn't require God,'' the sign declares. “Don't believe in God? You're not alone!''

I am interested to get some perspective on this from others.  Isn’t plastering billboards with your propaganda all over town making this group just as guilty as the religious nuts they so despise? 

I fail to see why what you believe needs to be expressed to the world, advertised and then forced onto others.  I can understand why it’s dangerous when religious values leak into the societal mainframe, influencing legislation and government, education, media and science. But why bother with the billboards?  It’s not going to recruit the fundamentalist religious crowd to your side, chances are if a “believer” is joining the group after seeing the billboard, they were already on the fence, and they aren’t the people we should be worried about anyway.

“The billboard may be working: About 30 people attended a recent Florida Atheists and Secular Humanists' get-together at a Davie restaurant, up from the usual dozen.

Over beers and burgers, nonbelievers, agnostics, skeptics and lapsed Jews, Christians and Muslims talked about everything from science and philosophy to politics and current events.”

Oh good, so it got a group of like-minded people together to discuss things.  I wonder how that went:  Let’s sit around and talk about our beliefs.  Isn’t it awesome how we all believe in the same nothing?  Let’s talk about why we believe this and why we’re right.
Listen: If I wanted to sit through lectures on what to believe and why it’s right and everyone else is wrong, I’d still be going to church with the Catholics.


Dylan Laine said...

Awwww, yes... I love how the hard core Atheists are like 'man God doesn't exist, so join us and promote the truth'... Versus the hard core Catholics whom are like 'man, God does exist, so join us and promote the truth'... I hate it when people feel it is their 'moral' duty to change peoples way of thinking... even as scientists you could say we believe in Science and the physical world... and yes we do talk about science and promote it in schools and universities and what have you but the key difference with scientists is that, we just present the information... the facts speak for themselves.

deedub said...
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deedub said...

Any time a group gets together and starts preaching their beliefs onto other people, it's all the same to me.

Lojo Beautiful said...

Billboards suck. Billboards pushing propagandist diarrhea suck even more.

Living in the bible belt of conservative Alberta, I empathize slightly with the Atheists in regards to publicly declaring their stance. I live in a community where it is okay for a Christian to call me an immoral slut or say that a gay person deserves to die, but for an Atheist to publicly discuss their lack of belief is typically a big social no-no. The topic of Atheism came up in the editorial section of one of our free papers a month or so ago and angry responses from Christians are still being printed on a weekly basis. Most things in this city are painted with a splash of Jesus and other groups are simply ignored as if they don't exist.

In retrospect, I dig a more prominent representation of people with varying beliefs, but I still loathe people/ groups who feel the need to cluster fuck and organize and recruit others to validate their insecurities and desires to conform. That's when it becomes the same old shit.

twitch said...

Ryan: Well said, I love Science for just that reason. Plus the great thing about science is they can admit when they're wrong and have the evidence to prove it. There's no blind acceptance without proof.

d-dub: Would you then group the SESS in with other religious fundamentalists? I would, all they do is push en-jew-queering on others while wearing ridiculous red poofies.

Lojo: I feel sympathy pain for your unfortunately over-conservative location. All the more reason for you to move to Saskatoon, or to Vancouver with Matt and I in one year's time. Think about it. Watch this video: http://www.break.com/index/door_to_door_atheists_bother_mormons.html
I don't like that he's doing the door to door thing, but it's funny how people react.

deedub said...

Yeah, I hate that bullshit. Following any rules without question is ridiculous; this is especially so when you consider that most of those rules are cooked up in a smoked-filled room by people who you wouldn't trust to hold a baby. Nothing says "I don't think for myself" than a red poofie.

deedub said...

I missed a "more" right at the end. Also, I was talking about the people who get them "because everyone else has them, so it's ok."