Monday, May 4, 2009

Ghetto Blaster

No one uses this term anymore except me, apparently.  But is it ok that I really want this?


Lojo Beautiful said...

Hahaha, awesome bag.

And I still refer to tape decks as ghetto blasters. In retrospect, both names are pretty great. My Mom refers to everything as a ghetto blaster: CD player, MP3 player, DVD player-- fuck, even computers.

deedub said...

LOL! Only allowed if you carry it on your shoulder.

Also: I am still well-aware of ghetto-blasters and it seems to me that they also work well with those venetian blind sunglasses.

Chandra said...

They sell that bag at a shop in Kensington in Calgary. I actually almost bought one myself, they have a matching walkman "the tape kind" as a wallet.

I still call the big bulky cd players, tape decks ghetto blasters too!