Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Open Letter

Dear Thailand,

Regarding music or sound of any kind: Louder ≠ Better.

Shut up, already.  Not all of your shitty music needs to be played at the highest possible volume.  I prefer not to have my hearing damaged beyond repair every time I am in my house, out of my house, at work, shopping, not shopping, awake, sleeping, walking, running, driving, eating, drinking, sitting, standing or laying.  It’s seriously so loud that it causes me pain.  Just turn it down, all of your music sucks anyway.

STFU or I wish upon you violent and painful ear drum ruptures.

I’m moving.



PS – You don’t have to play along to the simplistic drum beat with your utensils and dishes.  That’s really annoying and I can hear it clear as day through our shared wall.

PPS – Don’t sing along, either.  Amazingly, you’re even less talented than the original artist.

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