Saturday, April 18, 2009

Engrish stories

Friday I was given the following story and told  to “plan lesson to student with this if you are extra time.”

No problem.

A Cicada and a Wild Cat

As a cicada was singing in a full bloom mango tree, a wild cat passed by and stopped at the tree.  The cat looked up at the cicada, thinking of a trick to eat it.
How beautiful your song is! ,  I’ve heard the melody from a long way off.  You can sing to such a far distance, let me see how big you are!” the wild cat said flatteringly.
Not easily to be tricked, the cicada dropped a piece of broken branch in front of the wild cat.  The wild cat promptly pounced on the branch, biting it, thinking that it was a cicada.
My dear wild cat, it’s your wrong!.” said the cicada, “I know your trick because I saw wings of my friends in your droppings.”
Hopelessly, the wild cat left the cicada.

Vocabularies: droppings, flatteringly, melody, misfortune, pounce, promptly

A lesson from the story: A sensible person learns from other’s misfortune.

All punctuation and general errors are not mine.


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Today I made paper puppets on straws to use to illustrate this story for my lesson on Friday.