Thursday, April 2, 2009

Cambodia charged me to LEAVE

I was in Cambodia this past weekend to renew my Thai visa and they charged me $20 US to get in (expected: Cambodia visa) and then they had the gall to charge me $25 US to leave!  Wtf is that about?

I talked loudly about how "truly stupid and ridiculous it is to charge someone to leave your shithole of a country" in front of the payment window.  I think I made my point.

At first I considered just stealthing past security, but then it turns out going through border control to stamp me out, they would notice I hadn't yet gotten the "Paid for absolutely nothing" stamp on my visa, so I would be sent back to the “”Passenger Service charge” counter to pay up.  They even give you a receipt that says "passenger service charge".
Service charge?  What service?  Collecting my money?  If you weren't there collecting my money, I wouldn't have to pay you to collect my money.  Not impressed.


deedub said...
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twitch said...

Hahaha, this deserves a letter to the Cambodian government.