Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Things I Hate

I stole this from my cousin's Facebook because it made me LOL

Things I hate: (in no particular order)

- Thais who drive on the wrong side of the road with their motorbikes at night with no headlight

- Inconsistency

- Taylor Swift

- Italian sausage (it tastes like soap!)

- Two and a half men 

- Brendan Fraser and Nick Cage

- Carrottop

- Overdubbing movies instead of just adding English subtitles.  

- Fatties who dress like skinny people

l 1 I - that's lowercase "L", #1 and capital "I" -- fuck!

- Any child in every country between the ages of 8 and 18

- Motion sickness

- People who are vague or non-specific.

- Using the term "present" instead of "gift"

- too much basil--it's all I can taste!

- Historical inaccuracy

- Redneck Americans

- taxi drivers

- Shitty tattoos

-your/you're or there/their/they're or too/to/two mistakes.  

- neighbours with barking dogs

- Furry body hair

- Good Charlotte/SimplePlan/whiny emo garbage music 

- liars and backstabbers

- Any sticky surface 

- Hip-hop culture

- Gossip tabloids

- negative Nancys and Debbie downers 

- pre-teens who "date"

- Misuse of their/there/they're and your/you're and to/two/too (I hate this enough to include it twice, in fact these type of mistakes will probably get you deleted from my friends list)

- People who don't understand how to properly phrase a Facebook status.  It's THIRD person. ie: "Kendra is soooooooooo tired.  I NEED SLEEP!!!"  Wrong.

- People who change their status to something like "missing you" or "loves her bf"

- Fergie

- Hidden fees

- Leopard print

- People who not only post pictures of them making out with their significant other but then use that as their profile pic

- People not infavour of nuclear power or stem-cell research - get a clue

- Right-wing conservatives

- aggressive Vietnamese people

- Overcooked noodles

- Men with long hair put into a ponytail 

- People who quote Dane Cook 

- Religious nonsense rules

- Oh who am I kidding?  Religion.

- The exchange rate on the Canadian dollar 

- Spider-Man 3

- People who take pictures of themselves using the bathroom mirror 

- People who take pictures of themselves using the bathroom mirror who don't turn off the flash

- Girls who take pictures of themselves with mad cleavage in the bathroom mirror.

- Blurry photos and stupid photos of shit.  People go to a different city and then just go to the bar and take a million pictures of them and their friends looking greasy and drunk.  Take some scenery pictures!

- Language barriers (sometimes)

- Evan Jamieson's hatred of kitten heels
I have to think of more

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Lojo Beautiful said...

Hahahahahahahaha. I love it.