Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Who does Fall Out Boy think they are?

The only thing I will give this to its credit is John Mayer's guitar solo. And that's only because I love him, and even find it hard to believe he would allow his name to be tied to this piece of garbage.

Now, onto the issues I have with this abomination.
I would like to know who let this happen, first of all. And even if they were allowed to, how could Fall Out Boy ever think that they were even close enough to being musicians to remake a song by Michael fucking Jackson? They have some fucking nerve.

Maybe they thought if they include enough cameos and "tributes" to Michael, it somehow legitimizes this situation. But it does not. There is nothing okay about being a shitty pop-punk band and covering the music of the greatest pop artist in history. I just know that there are going to be a million scene emo kids running around "That new Fall Out Boy song is sooooo good" or "The Fall Out Boy one is even better than the original" if they know it's a remake.

Now I know how my parents feel.


Stuart said...

This is gross

deedub said...

Also, too bad they didn't cover a U2 song.

twitch said...

I would have been less offended and more, "I notice no difference; same shit different pile".