Monday, February 4, 2008

I know I'm not the only one...

I'm starting to really hate Microsoft.

This Yahoo situation has really been the cherry on top of an already pretty substantial-sized sundae of scorn.

"Could the acquisition of Yahoo! allow Microsoft -- despite its legacy of
serious legal and regulatory offenses -- to extend unfair practices from
browsers and operating systems to the Internet?"

Think about it...
I know a few people who would be a little upset if they tried to access a webpage, "What do you mean this webpage does not support Mozilla Firefox/Avant Browser?"
This could potentially lead to internet users REQUIRING the most recent version of Internet Explorer or some other of Microsoft's overpriced and sub-par software to access many websites.

Well on top of that, I recently bought a laptop that came pre-loaded with Windows Vista. Being that I don't want to run Vista, I figured I'd just get it pulled off and put my current Service Pack for XP on instead, no big deal, right?

Wrong. My lovely assistant Dewy and I found that Vista had some sort of facist strangle-hold on the computer's components and now, though Vista had been pseudo-successfully removed (after some harsh words) my sound doesn't work properly. Doing a bit of reading on the HP website, it turns out Toshiba is no longer allowed to "officially support" XP and is not going to release Windows XP drivers for its newer computer components. All systems sold with Vista should use Vista as their operating system and no other, no matter what you want or think. You're not even to attempt a dual boot system with Vista and the operating system of your choice. That's right, the company interested in keeping "competition on the internet" by taking Yahoo over doesn't want to allow you the use of anything except Vista.

Something about this seems a bit like a dictatorship. I bought a COMPUTER with an operating system, not an operating system with a computer. Seems to me the components of the computer should all belong to me now and it's up to me what software I want to install and what I do with the computer after I've made the purchase. You'd think that would be the case, but as it happens, Microsoft insists that you use their most recent and least useful operating system. They insist so strongly that they make it painful and almost impossible to install anything else.

What's stopping Microsoft from also programming into every HP computer that you can only use Microsoft software and Microsoft accessories. Then you can only use the computer to communicate with other people who also have Microsoft-drenched computers and can only visit Microsoft-approved websites. *disdain*

I think I actually hate them more than I hate Apple, now.

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