Wednesday, January 16, 2008

An Open Letter to that Always Controversial Guy in PHIL 231

Dear Always Controversial guy in PHIL 231,

It's obvious you are a Philosophy major with no understanding of reason or logic, but I have one question for you: did you just learn the terms 'subjugation of women' in your 'Women and Gender Studies' class immediately before we had the pleasure of hearing your propaganda today? I'm quite certain you did, being how many times you used it today in class.

While I would not consider myself 'a slave to the capitalist society the media and subjugation of women has created' I would consider you an idiot and I wish you would stop talking. I paid good money for this class and I am trying to learn.

You wasted a solid 35 minutes of my life today and I would like them back. Anytime you get around to doing that would be great.



PS - Get a haircut and choose a real major. You're perpetuating the problem that is ignorance and ill-education. Making controversial statements does not make classes more interesting, it makes spending time there useless.

PPS - Thank you for reminding me why I stopped attending any and all classes. You have made legitimate my skipping for the last 4 years.

PPPS - Talking about women as if they are currently, perpetually and forever oppressed and how that is 'soooo unfair' will not get you laid. It will most likely get you beaten up

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